Tender-firm, flaky flesh with a gentle yet distinctive flavor, our Atlantic cod is a versatile culinary choice.
Wild-caught in the remote, pristine waters off the coast of Norway, our suppliers are committed to catching the right fish in the most efficient way possible.

To make sure each catch is selective in species and size, they use long lines to sustainably harvest our Atlantic cod.

Freshly Frozen

Each fish is frozen just a few hours after its caught to lock in freshness, and every catch is traceable back to the fishing ground.

Available as
Coast of Norway
Fishing Method
Line caught
Taste Experience
Large flakes, firm, slightly sweet
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How to Buy

Mild-flavored with a tender-firm texture, Atlantic cod’s versatility makes it a highly sought-after fish for sophisticated seafood dishes and classic fish and chips alike.

Where to Buy

Great Seafood, Great Responsibility

Renowned as a responsible seafood nation that’s always striving to be better, the people of Norway share our belief that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. So when we developed a partnership with Norwegian Atlantic cod supplier Ervik, we knew we were getting the highest quality product sourced with the utmost of care.

MSC Certified

As well as supplying MSC-certified fish, Ervik diligently follows the Norwegian public fish management practices, which are some of the most sustainable and well-regulated in the world. They only use long line fishing methods to minimise any seabed damage and yield quality catches while consuming little fuel.

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